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So, 6 months after her 7th birthday, we finally got around to shooting Elysse’s seven year old portraits.  As photographers and parents, we tend to forget to schedule our own kiddos’ portrait sessions.  We really have to get better about doing this! Like, for real!

Well, this past weekend, our son, who’s 11 year old portraits still need to be taken, went away to SeaCamp as his 5th grade trip.  Elysse was super excited to have us all to herself for the weekend.  We planned some fun activities and let her choose where we’d go for lunch & dinner.  One of those activities was to go out and get some photos of her!  We went out to downtown Las Vegas and found some fun graffiti walls and walked around a bit while getting her photo.  She chose her own outfit and we let her be her silly self the whole time.  Elysse is sassy and funny.  She is a fashion diva.  She loves art and gymnastics, especially the bars. Sometimes she’s 7 going on 17 and other times she’s just a goofy 7 year old little girl.  She is strong-willed and a bit dramatic.  She loves to cuddle and make messes.  She loves all things chocolate and blueberries.

I love that we were able to capture a bit her personality in these images.  We want to be able to look back at these and remember her for who she was, not for how we got her to pose for us.  That’s our goal in all the portraits we take, not just our family’s.   XO

February 23

Chanell and Ronnie’s wedding is just a little over a month away and after hanging out with them during their Lake Las Vegas engagement photography session, we cannot wait for these two to be wed!  They just have the best chemistry.  Fun and playful one minute and then totally romantic and sweet the next.  It was so wonderful to capture them laughing and just being happy together!  All you need to do is check out the way they look at each other to know how in love they are.

We had a great time walking around Lake Las Vegas getting to know more about them and their wedding day plans.  Engagement sessions are also a nice way for you to get to know us and get used to being in front of the camera.  Then, come the wedding day, it’s just about having a great time together!  We’ll be old friends by then 😉

Now here are few of our favorites from Chanell + Ronnie’s session.  Enjoy!


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December 07

I just love it when married couples choose to have portraits together.  I think it’s so important to document your love in a fun, romantic, and casual way!  That is exactly what these guys did and we had so much fun together.  I especially loved I was able to photograph them while in Orlando, FL!  It was a nice change of scenery :)

Being anything but average, Holly and Jason decided Vegas would be the ideal spot to tie the knot.  They came from my hometown state of Maryland and brought about a dozen or so friends and family to witness them say “I Do”.  After their ceremony, we met up with the trendy couple at the iconic Neon Museum.  When I saw Holly’s black wedding dress and bright red lips, well, I just knew we were in for a treat.  We had such a great time capturing their happy smiles among the old casino signs.  When our time was up at the Neon Museum, we made our way to Freemont St. and walked around another iconic Vegas area.  Once the sun started to go down, we made sure to get a few shots of the Vegas lights coming on!  Holly and Jason were two people we could have just continued to hang out with way after our session with them was over.  They’re fun, easy-going, and full of love!  We wish them nothing but happiness and beautiful adventures together in their marriage!