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Being anything but average, Holly and Jason decided Vegas would be the ideal spot to tie the knot.  They came from my hometown state of Maryland and brought about a dozen or so friends and family to witness them say “I Do”.  After their ceremony, we met up with the trendy couple at the iconic Neon Museum.  When I saw Holly’s black wedding dress and bright red lips, well, I just knew we were in for a treat.  We had such a great time capturing their happy smiles among the old casino signs.  When our time was up at the Neon Museum, we made our way to Freemont St. and walked around another iconic Vegas area.  Once the sun started to go down, we made sure to get a few shots of the Vegas lights coming on!  Holly and Jason were two people we could have just continued to hang out with way after our session with them was over.  They’re fun, easy-going, and full of love!  We wish them nothing but happiness and beautiful adventures together in their marriage!

February 13

I’ve been working on something new for months now and hinting about it on our facebook page!   Well, the day is finally here and I’m thrilled to now be offering lifestyle and children photography, as well as weddings & couples. This is an entirely new endeavor and we’ll have an entirely separate website, facebook page, and instagram for my family photography.  Why not add another portfolio page to The Emerics and call it a day? Here’s why.   The  name for this new site is Jessie Emeric | Lifestyle Photographer.  Keeping it simple, folks!  But, as you can tell by the name, this is just me. Yup, Jason won’t be photographing the kiddos and families alongside me.  So, it just made sense to have a separate website for my lifestyle kids and family portraits, plus it’s a different set of clients.  Of course, Jason and I will most definitely still be offering the same photography coverage for wedding, engagement, and couples here!  We absolutely love photographing weddings together and nothing’s changing about that!

Here’s the deal, though, I don’t just want to offer plain ‘ol family portraits or stiff and boring photos of your child. No way! I want to offer families the same kind of happy, natural, and fun photos we offer our wedding couples. I want to capture the natural smiles, the belly laughs, the family connections. To me, photography is all about documenting life and life is unscripted and definitely not perfect. But life is oh so beautiful and if you let me, I want to show you how beautiful you and your family are, imperfections and all.

So, head on over to my new website and have a looksie, then go to the blog and enter the giveaway!!!  Up for grabs is one child, family, or high school senior lifestyle portraits session.


Thanks so much to all the families who have already allowed me to capture a bit of their awesome families and kiddos!  I really am excited to meet many more wonderful families and kids who want something a little different to capture their loves! xo

February 04

There’s nothing greater than two people in love.  Two people who are not only in love, but are also best friends.  Meet Jessica + Phil.  It was such a blast to get to hang out with them for a bit in Laguna Beach, Southern California.  These two really know how to live life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it!  They work hard and play hard and are lucky enough to call SoCal home.

September 30

Being invited to document the arrival of a new life into the world is one of the greatest privileges I get to have as a photographer.  It is such a humbling experience to be in the presence of something so much greater than you.

This Friday, I helped welcome to the world baby Levi Sparrow Sage.  I met Angie and Wes early that morning and began to document their journey as they became parents to a new baby boy.  They walked into the hospital knowing that when you walk out days later, they’d be holding a new life in your arms.  That in itself is just mind boggling, isn’t it?

Angie had a scheduled C-section and both her and Wes were nervous and a little scared of what to expect but they had each other and having the person you love by your side is all you need to feel comforted and secure.

Baby arrived healthy and strong, weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 inches long.   Angie was so brave and strong the entire time and never once whined.  Once she held her baby, she looked at him in awe.  So much is in store for this little man.  So many beautiful memories were made that day and yet so many more memories are to come.  There will be moments of pure joy, wonder, and laughter.  There will be sleepless nights and countless diaper changes.  Sometimes there may be tears and exhaustion.  But, most of all there will be love, unconditional love for this precious new baby boy who is so lucky to be born to two amazing people!  Two people who love each other, who will protect him, who will teach him, and who will love him beyond words.

Congratulations Angie & Wes!  Thank you for having me document the birth of your baby boy.  Much love to you both! xo, Jessie