August 28

August 28, 1996 I married my best friend.  Young and in love, we had no idea what we were getting into!  We just knew we wanted to be together.  We had no idea what the future would bring, but we knew that we’d get there together. Sure, life has had it’s ups and downs.  Yes, those first few years were a bit tremulous, but we never gave up on each other.  We never gave up on love.


I could not imagine my life without Jason.  He is my true love, my best friend.  Being married for 19 years to your best friend means you always have someone by your side, someone who’s got your back.  Someone who will take you up on those crazy ideas and say, yes you can totally do that.  Being married to your best friend means enjoying the best & worst things together.  Traveling, raising our kiddos, reaching milestones, struggles, successes, failures, victories, they are all shared.  There is nothing more comforting than knowing that no matter what, you are loved.  That is what being married to your best friend is like.  It’s knowing you can be yourself, your best self or your worst self, and never doubt that you are loved.  It’s falling in love over and over each day.  It’s doing little things for each other, like loading the dishwasher at night because the other one is too tired to do it.  It’s going grocery shopping for your love because you know it makes her anxious.  It’s taking the kids to the park because mommy has to finish reading her book club book.  It’s all these things and more.

Being married to your best friend means means not letting our crazy busy life get in the way of what really matters, that is being together.  Because together, together we can do anything.  Together we can handle whatever life throws our way. Together we will laugh, we will cry, we’ll fall, we’ll stand up taller.  Together we’ll make this the best life ever.  Together we will celebrate this life of ours.  Together we will celebrate this beautiful adventure we call marriage.


 Jason, I love you more than after every year together.  I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!  I love that I get to call you my husband & my best friend.  

August 25

Antonette and Donnie’s love story begins during of a blind date gone amazingly well, a Valentines Day floral delivery gone terribly wrong but later made perfect.  It’s a story of two people who compliment one another flawlessly.  It is an unselfish and happy love.  Being around them you can see they are the real deal and we’re so privileged we got to be a part of their wedding day.  The love and respect they have for their family and friends is evident in all they do and helps keep them grounded.

Our day with them started as the lovely ladies from Makeup in the 702 were finishing up with Antonette and it was soon time to get into her gorgeous La Sposa wedding gown.  Although we were not able to photograph their ceremony in the Aria Chapel, we met up with them immediately after the ceremony for some group and bride & groom portraits.  We then went up to their suite to photograph an intimate & traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.  Their reception space was located the Fireside Lounge tucked away behind the Spa at Aria.  The space was perfect for their 30 guests to party and mingle.  The staff from Aria were on point and Antonette did such a great job at organizing and planning her wedding from Canada.  Her chalkboard details were perfect and I especially loved their use of a globe for their guests to sign.

When it came down to their first dance, Antonette and Donnie didn’t go with the traditional slow love song either.  No way!  These two had the sweetest and fun choreographed dance routine ever.  I cannot wait to see the video from the talented Something New Films.

A + D:Thank you so much for having us photograph your day & for treating us like friends and guests at your wedding. It was truly an honor to be there for you. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and swimming with sharks ;)  

Vendor Love:  Hair & Makeup: Makeup in the 702 |Venue: Aria Fireside Lounge | Videography: Something New Films 


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August 18

When the big day for Lorelei and Mike arrived, it was perfection.  They were surrounded by their close friends and family.  There were tons of laughs and happy tears. Folks traveled from all over the world to witness these two love birds tie the knot.

I met Lorelei at the beautiful Tower Suites at the Wynn Resort, while Mike and his groomsmen got all spiffy at the SLS Hotel & Casino.  I arrived to a room full of happy energy and the talented ladies of Makeup in the 702 doing what they do best with hair and makeup for Lorelei and her bridesmaids.  I love getting to photograph all the pretty details during the getting ready time and Lorelei had plenty of prettiness to keep me happy ;)  Shout out to Archel Rowling Events for doing a fabulous job with coordinating the day and being such a doll to work alongside.

Lorelei and Mike’s ceremony and reception were held at the super cool and modern building of Keep Memory Alive Event Center.  Seriously, this place is amazing and fit Lorelei and Mike’s modern and classy style.  I loved their personal vows and how they included they fur babies in the ceremony.  The reception was an absolute blast!  From the live band to the fun DJ of All Events Productions, the dance floor was always full!  It was obvious that they are loved and it’s easy to see why!  Lorelei and Mike are both kind and genuine people and they sure know how to throw a party!


Vendor Love:  Event Planning – Archel Rowling Events  | Invitation & Stationary: Paper & Home | Hair & Makeup: Makeup in the 702 |Venue: Keep Memory Alive Event Center | Catering: Chef Gustov | DJ: All Events Productions | Florals: Flora Couture | Cake: Peridot Sweets | Photo Booth: Speedy Photo Booth | Videography: Twentyseven Studios


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August 14

As wedding and portrait photographers, we make our living documenting milestone events and moments in the lives of others.  Being able to capture these special moments for people is amazing.  As photographers, we strive to not just tell people where to stand and how to pose, but to capture how they are as a person, as a couple, as a family.  I think these photos, with the real smiles, real expressions, and real moments are the ones that tell the story.  These photos will tell future generations who we really were.  What we were about.  What and who we loved. How we lived and what mattered to us most.


But I must confess that for the past few years we have gotten away from documenting our own family’s life in a meaningful and intentional way.  I realized we never take out the “real” camera unless it’s for work.  It’s just so easy to take  a snap shot with our iphones!  Am I right?  I was also finding that with our pro camera in hand, we missed out on a lot of the fun and I worried about keeping the camera protected too, especially if we were outdoors like at the beach.  So, a year or so ago we purchased a nice high end digital rangefinder camera that is small and convenient, so we’ve been using that for all our trips and leaving our pro cameras at home. And although I love the convenience and ease of the smaller camera, I feel like something is missing.  There is something about my professional DSLR camera that I can’t capture using the smaller camera.

The other challenge I have with documenting our family life is that photos rarely live outside of a screen anymore.  With sharing on my personal Instagramfacebook, my lifestyle blog, or here on Family Friday, I’m not getting photos printed.  The reason I fell in love with photography in the first place was because I loved being in a darkroom back in high school.  I loved the excitement and that feeling I would get when I developed a photograph.  It was magical being able to capture a moment in time and then actually make it come alive again on paper.  Oh the smell of a darkroom….I also remember being a little kid and getting so excited when we’d drop off a roll of film to be developed.   I’d wait impatiently for 3 days for my mom to drive us back to the store to pick up our photos.  Then I’d eagerly flip through them, careful not to get any fingerprints on them, of course!  Or as I got older, making scrapbooks with my sister or putting the pictures in those small “brag books”.  Remember those? I still have mine.  I want that for my kids.  I want them to be able to sit down and open a book and look through the photos and remember all the fun we had on a certain vacation, hiking our favorite trails, or just hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

After giving this much thought, I’ve come up with a plan.  Because, come on, if you know me, you know there is always a plan!  First of all, I’ve got to be realistic.  I know that I won’t carry my pro camera everywhere. Like I said earlier, I don’t want to miss out on all the fun or be worried about the camera getting damaged while we’re out and about.  So, there will still be lots of documenting with our point and shoot and my iphone on instagram.  So, I’m excited to check out Chat Books.  They are small 6×6 60 page books where every photo you share to Instagram creates a page in your book series.  The best part is that you can easily remove photos and add captions before printing them to create a perfect book each time.  You can even filter by hashtag.  Brilliant! Because come on, I post a lot of photos of food and running that probably don’t need to be printed each time.  The best part is that each book is only $6 and they also offer subscription plans.  I can’t wait to try them out and let you know how they are!

My days of scrapbooking are over.  Who has time for that?!? But, I do love the digital photo books from My Publisher.  I made one for our 2013 summer vacation and the kiddos love looking through it!   I know I said I had a plan, but I’m honestly not sure how I want to go about these books, just yet.  Ideally, I would love to make books for each season of the year or at least from each of our family vacations. Any ideas? How do you organize and print your family photos? Please share ideas in the comments!  Sharing is caring ;)

Lastly, like I said, I know I won’t take my pro camera with me everywhere we go.  But, I will make it a point to take it on some vacations and periodically on hikes or just afternoons at the park.  I want to document, not just the special occasions, but pieces of everyday life too.  Because it’s the everyday adventures and shenanigans that make up our life.  It’s the forts made out of sheets in Elysee’s room, the cool kendama tricks Diego does daily, the family game nights, the bbq’s with friends.  It’s these moments that make up our life.  It’s these moments that are worth documenting. It is these seemingly ordinary moments that make life extraordinary.